The Dragon of the West.

The Dragon of the West.


Kromert, also known as Krom or Stevie D, is a Producer and Hip-Hop artist hailing from Casper, WY. Starting in 2009, Kromert began making Hip-Hop instrumentals. In 2011, he recorded his very first song, titled "W.A.N.", a song in which he makes references to his time spent on X-Box Live, as well as the shooter "Halo". The song was originally an inside joke, but influenced other songs like it. On March 30th of 2013, he officially released his first mixtape, titled "King of the Thieves Vol. 1".

After the release of Vol. 1, Krom would go on a two year hiatus. This was caused by many things, including a lack of time, loss of equipment, and the negative reviews of his freshman mixtape. In 2015, he picked up the microphone once again, now working with local producer and high school classmate, Shane Veasy. Krom went on to record his second mixtape, "King of the Thieves Vol. 2", and also had the opportunity to work with one of his favorite artists, former King of the Dot World Chain recipient and battle rap champion, illmaculate. The song "Winter Contingency" would go on to be the titular song of King of the Thieves Vol. 3, released February 1st of 2017.

From there, he would go on to release Trappin’ Like A Ranger - The Mixtape, produced by Makaih Beats, followed by his first entirely self-produced work, This Is Not Your Grave, before relocating to Tempe, AZ in 2018. He is currently working on his newest EP, Not Sid Was Here.

Krom spent many of his younger years in music, especially jazz, where he would later earn the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. He is heavily influenced by the video games and anime he grew up with, which is found throughout his lyricism. During his free time, he still enjoys playing video games and watching anime, as well as making beats and writing raps. He has also been a student of the Japanese language for over a decade, with a profound love for Japanese culture. He is also a big fan of Vocaloid tech, having released multiple tracks featuring Yukari Yuzuki.