Q. How do your contracts work on your instrumentals?

A. Great question! Essentially how it works is I am giving you a royalty free, commercial use, non-exclusive license. What this means “in English” is that you can produce derivative works (Your own songs, etc.) using the instrumental, and then release it commercially for profit without owing me any royalties. The contract does state that I must be credited somewhere as the producer. “Non-exclusive license” means that I still own the instrumental, I am merely “leasing” it to you for your own use. These contracts do not expire, so once you’ve purchased an instrumental or beat tape from me, it’s yours for good.

I also allow the use of the instrumentals as background music for things such as Youtube videos, Podcasts, or Twitch streamers! I DO NOT allow the re-sale of the instrumentals as-is, you MUST record your own original recordings (Generally referred to as “The composition) if you plan on reselling anything using these instrumentals. If you have questions specifically, feel free to get ahold of me via the “Hit Me Up” tab, I’d be more than happy to clear things up for you!